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Polished Brass # bea263 / # 9b8651
Antique Brass # 736153 / # 584e45
Oil-Rubbed Bronze # 5d5a49 / # 33332b
Satin Nickel # aaa9a5 / # 93938b 
Antique Pewter 727365 / # 494539
Satin Chrome # b9bcc5 / # 949693
Polished Chrome c6c6d0 / # c0bfc5
Aged Bronze # 53585c / # 434750
Satin Bronze # edbe94 / # dcab82
Matte Black # 545d64 / # 43464d

Sometimes it’s the small details that really make my sim’s home come to life, even if it’s just the finish on some drawer pulls on an old dresser. These are some of my favorite metal colors that I use in my game for faucets, knobs, and even picture frames. The first color is your base, and the second is for your accent color (if there is one, it depends on what metal pattern that you are using).


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    These colour codes have made me not hate decorating homes.