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I am so sick of laying here, not being able to play the sims, or clean the house, or cook dinner. And if my cat doesn’t stop laying on my feet all the time, I am gonna keep a spray bottle with me. I normally love it when he cuddles me, but I am so uncomfortable I have to shift a lot, and he WILL NOT MOVE.

TL;DR: Not having insurance sucks, not knowing what is wrong with me sucks, and I just want to sim, is that too much to ask!? :’(


  1. deelightfuldelights said: :-( Gentle hugs.
  2. one-plumbbob said: poor you! :( Get well soon :)
  3. jettschae said: I feel your pain. Mainly figuratively. Because my computer is broken and I can’t play. :( *huuuuugs*
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