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Oh my goodness! My dash is just covered with Sims 4 negativity!

When the sims 3 first came out, yeah, it was a little boring after a while, and it took a long time for creators to start making CC for it, but I was still excited, and I still bought it and played it until my poor overworked PC’s heatsink went out and I had to wait forever to buy a new PC.

By that time World Adventures and Ambitions was out, and there was a lot of CC to be had, and it was so much fun. It’ll be that way for SIms 4, at first the skins are going to be bland and the hairstyles are going to be very limited, and the makeup will suck.

But it’ll have so many new features that all the little annoyances will be a drop in the bucket, and probably easily fixed by the community, like it has been since time immemorial lol 

So, chin up! It won’t be lame forever <3

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    §iamsimming: Yeah, I don’t understand. Also, makeup and hairs etc. might not be that bad, seeing as this game will be...
  2. wonderlandsimsx said: I’m with you on this one. I was excited for sims 2 & 3 before they were released, and now so excited for sims 4. A new sims game generation to experience :)
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