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wonderlandsimsx replied to your post: Oh my goodness! My dash is just covered with Sims…

I’m with you on this one. I was excited for sims 2 & 3 before they were released, and now so excited for sims 4. A new sims game generation to experience :)

IKR!? I cannot WAIT to see all the cool new things we can do with houses, I am hoping the roof system will be better, you can change the color of the shingles AND the trim, no more annoying overhang when connecting roofs, etc. etc.

I also hope that stairs are more advanced, or that changing the height of foundations is simpler and don’t need cheats to make U shaped or L shaped stairs anymore. I hope that we get a wider range of landscaping options (retaining walls, asdfghjkl;), and can change the color of plants. And sloped driveways would be amazing.

Oh, oh, and sidewalks that actually have a curb!

I could go on and on and on lol

  1. wonderlandsimsx said: So much to look forward to! omg now i’m gonna be thinking about everything 24/7 haha
  2. simmedy said: but wee havee sooo long to waiitttt WAAAAA
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